Revolutionary clothing store Roof on Fire is set to change the way upcoming and existing independent designers do business.
Opening on Oxford Street, Paddington (Sydney, Australia) later this year, Roof on Fire represents independent designers and entrepreneurs from Australia and around the world, giving them affordable retail space at low cost and low risk.

The store offers designers retail spaces (known as boxes) to display their creations in exchange for a monthly fee and a 10% sales charge on each item sold. Designers receive 90% of the funds from each sale while getting extensive exposure in a progressive store in a prime Sydney location. Box occupants are also exposed to opportunities that may arise including publicity, brand awareness and further offers to stock in other retail stores.

As each designer makes a quarterly commitment to the store, the range will be ever changing, from the most daring and progressive creations that other store buyers may not have taken the risk on to designs that lead new season trends. 'The store will
house pieces from both previously unseen designers and existing labels, providing an opportunity for bigger labels to break away from norms, experiment with new directions and test the market' said Omar Varts, co-founder of Roof on Fire.

Roof on Fire is offering designers more than just retail space. Box occupants will have access to a personalised, secure on-line database displaying generated sales and stock levels. It analyses the demand for their product and identifies what has been selling well, when to restock and calculates monthly profits. Designers are also notified via email when their product is sold.

Roof on Fire's layout is modelled on a minimalist style of interior design. Inspired by contemporary galleries including Saatchi Gallery London and MoMA New York, it provides the designer with a classy and clean retail canvas, which will enhance designer's individual pieces.

Located on Oxford Street, Paddington, Roof on Fire offers designers an avenue to showcase their previously 'hard to find' collections on the most frequented fashion strip in Australia. Bringing unique and innovative designs to the public, the store will stock men's and women's clothing, accessories and footwear.