The House of Viktor & Rolf - Dutch fashion design arrives at the Barbican 18 June 2008 - 21 September 2008 at Barbican Art Gallery. If you are planning to get married visit The Barbican and Get inspiration for a couture wedding dress at The House of Viktor & Rolf at the Barbican

This summer Barbican Art Gallery showcases the work of Dutch fashion designers Viktor & Rolf. This is the first time in the United Kingdom that an exhibition has been devoted to this highly influential duo. Over the past 15 years Viktor & Rolf have taken the fashion world by storm with their particular blend of cool irony and surreal beauty.

The House of Viktor & Rolf presents each of the designer's signature pieces from 1992 to now, shown in a specially commissioned and characteristically theatrical installation that dominates the entire Gallery. Highlights include pieces from Atomic Bomb, 1998-99, featuring dramatic mushroom cloud-like cushioned necklines and Russian Doll, 1999-2000, in which a single model was painstakingly dressed by Viktor & Rolf until she was gasping under 70 kilogrammes of exquisite haute couture. For the collection Bells, 2000-2001, models emerged from a smoke-filled space in clothes embroidered with hundreds of brass bells, so they were heard before they could be seen.

Drawing on the Dutch tradition of silver plating a baby's first shoe as a keepsake, the climax of Viktor & Rolf's Autumn/Winter collection of 2006-07, was a strapless wedding dress with a wide petticoated knee length skirt, silver plated, including even the bride's bouquet.