Primark vest, Topshop sarong, Warehouse bag, Primark sandals, Rayban Sunglasses. 

Its day 4 of the holiday, not that I am counting! I am very tired from stopping so have been trying to get as much sleep as I can! I am not really one of those sun worshippers so I have been finding it a bit hard not to get bored. After all my hobbies include blogging and shopping and there has been a major lack of both, especially the latter! Hopefully I can find some nice market around here with some jewelry as allot of mine has broken!

These images where taken yesterday when we discovered a pathway down to the beach, it has beautiful flowers and hanging basket chairs as well as cute little bridges and waterfalls.  The sea is lovely, so shallow unless you go down the jetty. It is the perfect place to sit in and relax. I am going snorkeling on Monday so look forward to seeing the beautiful fishies!