Here are three examples of Eric's work.
The first one is Pedro from "The Flying Gouchito". Frank Thomas animated most of this character,
but Eric did some fun scenes at the end of the short with the kid and the donkey. I will post more drawings from that part of the film later. 
You don't see it here, but very often Eric used multiple charts, in order to control different parts of the character. 
His Cinderella wasn't as tightly drawn as Marc Davis' version, but his animation sure had life.
Eric knew how to use life action and how to avoid that rotoscope effect. 
The dance movements with the prince don't "float", because of the animator's ability to translate realistic 
motion into graphic statements. There is real weight here.
He told me way back that the nice thing about Cinderella is, that you always know what she is thinking
in every scene.